• Dustyn Froise

Balau timber deck in Kloof, KZN

This was a new installation for an apartment that our client was refurbishing on their property.

The substructure was constructed with H3 and H4 CCA treated Pine to ensure longevity, with Balau timber for the deck, balustrade and stairs, with stainless steel wire rope to finish.

We had to notch out the stone cladding from the exterior walls to allow the deck structure to be affixed directly to the wall without any gaps, and to enhance the overall strength and stability of the deck.

All fixings are counter sunk and holes filled with an epoxy resin (mixed with Balau sawdust to match colour). The entire deck was sanded and sealed with an oil and tint containing uv and water resistant properties.

We were very pleased with the end result, and...most importantly....so was the client.

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