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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Misty Mountain Timberworks is a venture born out of pure passion for timber design. 

From wooden decks, pergolas, timber construction, stairs and balustrades to custom built furniture, wooden features, fixtures and fittings, we take deep pride in creating timber projects that truly showcase the beauty in this awesome natural building material.

We take great care in selecting the type of wood we use for your project and we delight in the final outcome, as each project is as unique and wonderful as the wood that it is made out of.


We believe that superior craftsmanship 

and attention to detail are paramount in

our projects, and we will only deliver the highest quality end product no matter the size of the project.

Which Markets

Do We Serve?

Residential - Whether you’re looking to replace your carpets with wooden floors or planning on adding an outdoor entertainment area, we can provide a timber solution for any of your home projects. We provide design, joinery & fabrication, as well as carpentry & installation services.

Corporate & Retail - We can provide timber elements for any size project. Whether the project is aesthetic office refurbishment or timber shop-fitting units, we have experience and expertise in the commercial and retail sector and can deliver the quality timber solutions for all your corporate and retail projects. 

Civic - Pavilions, shelters, stages, bridges, temporary event structures, and more. We can provide the timber services for your community projects. 


What Types of Wood Do We Use?

The types of wood we most commonly use are as follows:







We can also source less common timber like:











Purple Heart

& Many More

Wood Types

Our commitment to the Environment

We ensure that all our timber is FSC Certified, which is an international assurance that the timber is grown ethically and harvested sustainably. The timber suppliers have to adhere to strict policies in order to be certified by the FSC.

When timber leaves an FSC-certified forest they ensure that companies all along the supply chain meet best practice standards which ensure that when timber bears the FSC logo, you can be sure it’s has come from responsible suppliers.


FSC certification helps forests all over the world remain as thriving environments for generations to come.

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