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Balau Walkway ~ Cotswold Downs

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

Balau stairs, walkway and landing built in Cotswold Downs, Hillcrest.

This project required a complete replacement of the existing stairs and walkway, which had started to rot given the close proximity to the ground.

The area underneath was excavated to allow sufficient space between ground and the structure, with a layer of geo textile fabric to stop weeds growing through.

The structure was replaced with a H3 CCA treated structure, to ensure longevity over time.

The structure was then clad with Balau deckboards to finish off, giving the look and class expected at Cotswold Downs.

The client also decided to deck over the existing tiles on the landing at the front door, to keep the timber running from driveway to front door.

All Balau was then sealed with a solvent based oil suitable for hardwood outdoors.

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