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Indoor Balustrade ~ Durban North ~ August 2020

We were hired to create a bespoke balustrade as a feature piece for an entrance hall in Durban North. This project was particularly challenging, as it was an entirely custom design, and therefore had new & exciting challenges to push us out of our comfort zone.

Balau was the chosen timber due to its strength and availability, and likeness in colour to the existing stairs. It is an extremely hard wood most commonly used outdoors for decking.

The first challenge was to source or machine circular rails, which puzzled us for a while given the availability of machinery for wood shaping of this kind. Luckily we managed to machine our own, and the final result was perfect. This is another reason why we chose balau, as not many other types of wood are strong enough to hold their form over such long distances when machined into thin rods.

The second challenge was the installation, which had very little room for error due to expected quality and the reference material from which we were working. It was particularly challenging to achieve parallel lines and correct heights from the base to the top of the stairs, as well as ensure the balustrade was stable. Everything was constructed on site with our mobile workshop.

Additionally, we had to add a handrail on the opposite wall from the balustrade which had to be joined seamlessly in the middle due to our being unable to source the lengths we needed during lockdown.

Lastly the finish had to perfectly blend in with the existing stairs in colour and texture. The original stairs were a naturally darker wood, so we had to stain the balau in order for it to match exactly.

We were very happy with the end result, and most importantly, so was the client.


If you would be interested in refurbishing your staircase, contact us for a no obligation quote.

Quotes are free within 100 km of the Upper Highway Area, thereafter a nominal fuel charge will be charged.

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